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Time flies ..

Just had the sudden realisation that this time next week I’ll be back in sunny (or not-so-sunny) Scotland! And I will most likely be lying hugging my dog who I miss terribly.

It’s so scary! Where have the last 9 months of my life gone?! It doesn’t feel that long ago that I was in Barcelona just starting out on my Erasmus year, and now I’m in Madrid and it’s ending in a matter of days! 

It’s been a strange one. I’ve had ups and downs. Some amazing adventures and some rough times too .. but it’s been filled with really fun experiences that I will never forget and loads of great memories will last me a lifetime. Thanks to everyone (well, almost everyone) who’s been a part of it. 

My wee amigos in Spain: Kevin, Gabby, Barry, Emma, Emma, Lynsay, Duffy, SJ, Claire, Lynsey, Caroline, Scott, Stefanie, Adele, Lauren, Heather, Ana, Luis, Ania, Veridiana, Jorge, Alba, Edurne, ..

and then the people who came to visit from back home in Scotland: Mum, Dad, Shelby, Nana, Uncle JD, Christopher, Melissa, Sammy, Meghan, Julie & Lorraine.

I love you all.

Thank you xx

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